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General Rules

  1. These rules apply to all 070 club contests. Every contest has (in addition) its own set of contest-specific rules. Although we don’t expect conflicts, any contest’s specific rules should be viewed as superseding any conflicting general rules.
  2. All contest operations must be in compliance with the station’s national licensing regulations, including both station and operator privileges and limitations.
  3. All contacts must be two-way BPSK31 only (with the exception of 31 Flavors).
  4. No cross-band, cross-mode, or repeater contacts are allowed.
  5. All contest submissions must be made via the official 070 Contest Scorer (graciously written by KJ4IZW).
  6. All contest submissions are due 7 (seven) calendar days after the end of the contest. Each contest will list the specific due date.
  7. No 070 club contests include operation on WARC bands or 60m.
  8. A valid QSO (for contest purposes) is one in which each station transmits over the air its required contest exchange (as defined for the contest) and the other station receives that exchange over the air.
  9. Dupe rule - Only one contact is allowed between any two stations per band (or mode for 31 Flavors). Duplicate contacts (dupes) may be left in the submitted log, but are assigned zero QSO points. Logs with an excessive number of dupes may be disqualified or listed as check logs.
  10. Any given QSO may appear in one contest log submission only.
  11. For contests where scoring is location-based (SPC, or maybe future grid), the station location can change during the contest as long as all operations are from a single location category (e.g., state or province for SPC). All of these operations can be combined into a single contest entry, and these operations are subject to the dupe rule (for both stations). If operations are from multiple location categories (e.g., multiple states in an SPC contest), then those operations must be considered separate contest entries, and are not subject to the dupe rule. Entrants are encouraged to use unique callsign variants (e.g., KK4CPS and KK4CPS/4) to denote operations from different locations.
  12. Each station must operate a single transmitter at a time. No multi-transmitter operation is permitted.
  13. Each station entry must be operated by a single operator except for the club category.
  14. A station can alternate operation under multiple callsigns (e.g. a club call and an individual call) as long as callsign switches occur no more frequently than once every two hours. In other words, once a station is used under one callsign, it cannot be used under another callsign for contest contacts until at least two hours have passed.
    • The two-hour limitation does not apply to individuals' use of family stations, where multiple individual licensees share a station at a commonly-licensed address.
  15. A station cannot be operated simultaneously under multiple callsigns, e.g., a club call and an individual call.
  16. Unlike most “big” contests, self-spotting is allowed on 070 reflectors. There is no separate category for “assisted” stations who pay attention to spotting networks or read their email during the contest.
  17. A station’s contest score is calculated as the product of the total number of QSO points and the number of multipliers, to which is added the number of bonus points (if any), i.e. (QSOs * Multipliers) + Bonus.
  18. Operation from a single remote base station is allowed, but that remote base must be the only station used by that operator during the contest. For purposes of contest exchange and entry category, the station location is the location of the remote base station transmitter and receiver. Use of a remote receiver only, or of a split remote (with different locations for transmitter and receiver), is not permitted.
  19. Submission of a contest entry indicates the entrant’s assertion of compliance with all rules applicable to the contest and the entry itself.
  20. All 070 club members submitting a contest entry will receive an "attaboy" endorsement sticker for that contest.
  21. The 070 club leadership reserves the right to issue a final decision on rules interpretations and infractions, and to disqualify entries deemed not in accordance with the above rules or contrary to the spirit of club events.

Clubs are subject to the following rules:

  1. The club itself is subject to the same entry requirements as any individual would be.
  2. Clubs are limited to a single transmitter at a time.
  3. Clubs may alternate operators, but they must work shifts without overlaps.
  4. Entries must indicate the operator for each QSO.
  5. Multi-operator club operations are subject to the location limitations listed in rule 11.

Contest-Specific Rules

Each contest has a set of rules that are specific to that contest. These rules will include the following:

  1. Allowed bands for the contest.
  2. The operating period for the contest.
  3. Entry categories (e.g., power level, type of entrant, or location).
    • Type of entrant may include gender (for Valentine’s Day), Bonus Station (for TDW), club, or individual.
  4. Output power limits (if any), either by entrance category or overall.
  5. The point value for each valid QSO, and the criteria for distinguishing between QSO categories (e.g., YL , OM, and Club QSOs during the Valentine’s Day Sprint).
  6. Multiplier definitions (if applicable).
  7. Bonus point definitions (if applicable).
  8. Awards to be issued for the contest.

 Any questions or comments, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2015 31 Flavors Results

Count Class Call Name 070 Number  QSOs Mults Modes Score
1 QRP VA7GEM BARRY 1470 30 30 6 900
1 LOW W4SDJ JAMES 1603 57 50 6 2,850
2 LOW KF3AA BOB 124 25 27 3 675
3 LOW KB9TVR ROBIN 1966 27 22 3 594
4 LOW KA5VZG ALAN 1509 16 17 3 272
5 LOW WB9GHD JEFF 1172 13 19 5 247
6 LOW N9BC BRENT 1829 14 12 1 168
7 LOW W3HF STEVE 25 10 13 4 130
9 LOW KD0FIP ROBERT 1396 1 2 1 2
10 LOW KT4NM JOHN 298 0 0 1 0
1 MEDIUM K7RFW RAYMOND 1668 47 42 5 1,974
2 MEDIUM N4DLT DAVID 1872 52 31 2 1,612
3 MEDIUM AB3UN GREGORY 1834 38 41 6 1,558
4 MEDIUM K9DEB DONALD 2007 32 30 5 960
5 MEDIUM W5FER JAMES 1217 18 15 2 270
6 MEDIUM M5PLY IVOR 292 20 12 3 240
7 MEDIUM VE7HBS ROBERT 906 19 11 1 209
8 MEDIUM K2RAH RICHARD 2016 17 12 1 204
9 MEDIUM KE4JB JOHN 1701 13 13 2 169
10 MEDIUM K4LEA LES 1746 12 12 3 144
11 MEDIUM KC9DOA MIKE 1040 11 13 2 143
12 MEDIUM VE2ESU RENE 1299 10 13 4 130
13 MEDIUM KC4OBB DON 1609 7 8 2 56
14 MEDIUM N6STA MICHAEL 1516 2 4 2 8
15 MEDIUM N4GBK BILL 1688 1 2 1 2
16 MEDIUM KE9PH TONY 362 0 0 1 0


PODXS 070 Club History



We would like to fill out a history/timeline for the club ... significant events or milestones,  dates/positions of all the volunteers, etc.


If you have info we can place here, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.